We provide 1:1 individualised ABA services

The Ray of Hope Center for Autism offers quality early intervention services to children with autism and related disabilities by implementing procedures derived from the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in order to improve socially significant behaviours like communication, language and social, including self-care, work and academic skills. We also focus on identifying and decreasing problem behaviours that interfere with learning which include tantrums and self‐injurious behaviours.


To ensure that children with autism and their families experience inclusion in the community through early intervention using principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).


To provide individualised evidence-based treatment to children with autism and support for their families regardless of socio-economic status through excellence in therapy, training, and care distinguished by Christian Love, Hope and Compassion.

ROH Values

Dignity ∙ Respect ∙ Empathy ∙ Teamwork ∙ Compassion ∙ Patience ∙ Support ∙ Hope ∙ Belief

How it originated

As the prevalence rates for autism is increasing worldwide and India not an exception (the current estimates indicating 1 in 54 children) there is a great need for certified and trained therapists to provide early intervention and services for these children.

There is a lack of professionally run facilities in the Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu. Many parents of children with autism receive little to no support or are unable to see progress with their existing special schools/therapy centers. In 2017 as part of the Special-Ed department at Asian Christian High School the Asian Christian Academy found it necessary to engage in this societal need and began to expand plans to cater to the requirements of these families.

The Ray of Hope center Center for Autism, a non-profit organization located in the plush campus of Asian Christian Academy, Hosur, in Tamil Nadu was opened in February 2019 under the leadership of Rachel George. She is the Board Certified Behavioural Analyst (BCBA) from Texas, USA with a Masters in Special Education in Autism in order to provide individualised early intervention services for children with Autism.

What we hope to achieve

With well-trained and closely supervised staff and training given to parents, we strive to provide services of the highest quality with individual attention to each child. We focus on the skills they need to achieve and also work on the barriers that interfere with their learning to help these children achieve their maximum potential. The Ray of Hope Center for Autism values the progress of every child that we serve.